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ICV-6 Papers

ICV-6 Papers : Vetiver System: Empowering Sustainable Development A Social Investment Opportunity For Rural Communities In Improving Land Degradation Using The Vetiver System Alt Tolerance Evaluation Of Selected-Vetiver Under Saline Soil Anti-Venom Potential Of Aqueous Extract Of Root Of Vetiveria…

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ICV-5 Papers

ICV-5 Papers : Vetiver and Climate Change A hydroponic vetiver system to remove cadmium and chromium from contaminated water Antimicrobial activity and phytochemicals of vetiver Antimycobacterial agents from the essential oil of Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash Application of Vetiver System…

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ICV-4 Papers

ICV-4 Papers : Vetiver and People Alternative uses of Vetiver Application of Vetiver Grass Soil Based Reed Beds for Effluent Treatment at Gelita APOA, Australia Applications And Socio-Economic Impacts of The Vetiver System In The Mekong Delta, Vietnam Biomass production…

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ICV-3 Papers

ICV-3 Papers : Vetiver and Water A Preliminary Experiment on Slope Rehabilitation with Vetiver and Native Plants in South China A Preliminary Report on Tolerance of Vetiver to Submergence A Study on the Performance and Mechanism of Soil-reinforcement by Herb…

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ICV-2 Papers

ICV-2 Papers : Vetiver and the Environment and Its Implications A New Farmer’s Experience on the Use of Vetiver Grass for Soil and Water Conservation on Farmland A Study on Purification and Uptake of Garbage Leachate by Vetiver Grass Application…

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ICV-1 Papers

ICV-1 Papers : A Miracle Grass A Comparative Study on Growth, Root System and Yield of Difference Ecotypes of Vetiver Grass A Comparative Study on Growth, Rooting System and Yield of Difference Ecotypes of Vetiver Grass A Comparative Study on…

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